Photo Reflection of the Day #31: Snowy Sidewalks of Salem

What Is It

A snowy sidewalk near the old town hall in Salem, Massachusetts.

Why It's Today's Pick

I stumbled across this scene in the early morning, while trying to see if a nearby cafe was open.  I originally took a picture of the old town hall (you can see it in part in the upper right corner) with snow dunes in front of it, but I liked this image better, especially when I applied the Noir filter.  The light piles of snow in the walkway with the melted snow tells us that the snow is fresh as compared to the snow piled to the right, which also seemed to have a fresh coating.  I also like at the center of the bottom is a single footprint with not others in sight.  I didn't notice this until I took the picture, but it gives the scene more power as if someone was whisked away, that one step was his or her last.  

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