Photo Reflection of the Day #30: Blood Orange

What Is It

Two pieces of a blood orange; one of which is torn open.

Why It's Today's Pick

In the winter, I eat clementines like candy.  I pick them up regularly at the grocery store and on occasion, when not paying attention, I grab some blood oranges.  I'm usually pleasantly surprised with this and take a kind of wishful-vampiric-delight in eating them.  They also often remind me of the open montage to the TV show, Dexter; though I'm never quite clear if those are blood-oranges or ruby grapefruit.  Regardless, it's the same effect.  So as I was eating my blood orange today, I snapped this shot to capture the meat of the fruit and all its fibrous glory.  I didn't plan to have such a light background but it works out rather well to show the stark red within the orange.  

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