Photo Reflection of the Day #3: The Ice Wand

What Is It

It's an icicle I found one the ground that looked like an ice wand to me, so I decided to snap a shot of me holding it as such.

Why It's today's Pick

Well, there's the young boy in me, for sure.  I was doing some stuff around the yard and saw this icicle and the first thing that came to me was "wand."  My childhood and even young adult life was filled with much make-believe.  Sometimes with friends, but more often by myself, I would go off on adventures with sword (stick) in hand.  Beyond this Ice Wand, you can see the makings of a woods where I spend endless hours wandering on such high adventures or just walking and exploring.  It was interesting trying to set up this image because I didn't want much to interfere with it.   So I can to find the right angle where there were not houses or sheds or street in view.  I was trying to also not have a fence in the picture but that didn't quite work out.  I don't know how I felt about having my hand in the picture.  However, I needed a hand to help illustrate the wand like nature of the icicle.  

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