Photo Reflection of the Day #29: Ice Stitches

What Is It

A shot of my windshield with a layer of grime and some ice stitches.

Why It's Today's Pick

I was fascinated with the ice stitches on my window today.  So much so, that I stared at them for a minute or two and took too many pictures to count, trying to capture them in a good way.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get them the way I wanted and went with this shot because I felt it captured them (you'll have to see it larger than here to see it) as well as the layer of grime on my window.  In doing so, it was fascinating to see the 3 layers of this picture, the ice, the grime, and the sky.  I like the juxtaposition of the grime almost seeming to be inbetween the ice and sky.  The ice stitches are just fascinating to look at and consider.  It's clear that they grew from one spot, but to trace them and see both a uniform pattern and a bit of chaos in one image is pretty cool.  

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