Photo Reflection of the Day #27: Blizzard - New England Edition

What Is It

My street covered in snow from the blizzard of January 2015.  

Why It's today's Pick

I'm sure this is just one of a bajillion images that you will see or have seen by the time this blizzard is over.  But I felt it needed to be today's photo since I was out in the snow and turned onto my new street to see all the snow.  It's still snowing but it's done it's worse from what the news is reporting.  Heaps and heaps of snow coupled with an eerie quietness about the space.  There's ample noise--the wind howling, the scraping of shovels off in the distance, but there is no buzz and hum.  The neighborhood feels serene  as if muffled out by the blanketing of snow that has occurred.  

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