Photo Reflection of the Day #26: #Selfie #NotSunday #4

What Is It

A selfie that I took today, because I forgot that yesterday was Selfie-Sunday.

Why It's Today's Pick

Ahhhh!  It's ginormous Lance-head!!!  Being so wrapped up in the move and thinking about that, I barely realized that it was Sunday, the self-designed "Selfie" day.  To make up for it, I did one today.  Mostly, because I wanted ot track the hair growth and used it as a point of comparison when I shave sometime in the near future.  Again, this photo seems to help remind me how huge my forehead is and the ongoing disappearance of my hair on my head, of which I'm largely fine with.  I might need to try another camera for the selfies as the quality on this one doesn't appear too great--the picture looks a bit grainy (or pixelated I guess).  The facial scruff is now looking more like a beard and it's getting to the point where it's annoying, particularly when sleeping.  

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