Photo Reflection of the Day #23: Moving Day Eve

What Is It

The corner of our apartment right now, as we are neck-deep in moving.

Why It's today's Pick

It's moving day.  Or rather the day before moving, which means everything is in a bit of disarray.  But most of the stuff is packed and ready to go.  It's a strange experience as many know to pack up your life into miscellaneous boxes of different sizes and shapes and put it all away.  I find myself walking through the apartment looking for something and realizing that it is packed away and some box somewhere.  So very close, but highly improbably to easily find.  Though there is stress involved, there's also the excitement of moving that will hover in the air and more than likely make it hard to sleep--kind of like Christmas.  There's much potential and intrigue about how these boxes shall be emptied out in the new home.  

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