Photo Reflection of the Day #22: Pumpkin in Hiding

What Is It

A picture of Pumpkin hiding out behind the TV.  

Why It's Today's Pick

I was sitting at my computer contemplating what to find a picture of when Bear and Pumpkin (my two cats) started to wrestle.  They wrestle a lot and while Pumpkin instigates a lot, she doesn't often win.  She's just shy of 7 pounds and Bear around 10 pounds.  Beyond that, Bear has been poise and spring.  But they wrestle regularly.  So as I was contemplating what to take a photo of she jumped up behind the TV (which is next to the table I'm typing at) to escape from Bear and I figured I would snap a photo.  It's funny to look at her and think she is nearly 4 years old.  She's still so small and light that she still seems and appears to be a kitten.  And once you throw the smooshy-face into it, it's hard to see otherwise. As for the look on her face, this is her inquisitive look--something has grabbed her attention and she desires to investigate.  I hope that I don't do too many pictures of my cats, but this one just seemed to land right on my lap!

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