Photo Reflection of the Day #21: The Start of Class

What Is It

A picture of the starting slide on the slide deck for my first day of face-to-face class.

Why It's Today's Pick

It's the first day of my face-to-face class and this is the initial slide.  First days are always fascinating--like other "firsts"--it has such potential and brims with excitement, but can also be nerve-racking.  Even though I've had a full day of things to do, it's been this moment when the class starts that rolls around throughout the day.  What rolls around there is trying to strike the right balance.  I'm quite enthusiastic about literature (or any subject matter I teach).  I've been told repeatedly that this enthusiasm is a strength in my teaching.  However, I also have high expectations and want to push students in their learning (I'll often compare teaching to a physical trainer--instructors are trainers for the mind). However, coupled with this is an understanding that literature for some can be a very hard subject and feel overwhelming.  I understand this an create opportunities for students to overcome obstacles or mistakes within the course.  So it can be hard to find that right combination and communicate that in just over an hour.  

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