Photo Reflection of the Day #2: Woburn Public Library

What Is It

This is the Woburn Public Library in downtown Woburn, Massachusetts.  

Why It's Today's Pick

For those that don't know, I am a big fan of the library.  I use it daily (and some might say abuse it--hahaha) and while I appreciate any library that exists, this one always inspires awe.  Don't get me wrong, I grew up, spent much of my youth, and was inspired in many ways by the Peabody Institute Library.  But the exterior of Woburn's Public Library is majestic.  I never encountered it until I was an adult, but I can imagine as a child, looking up at this looming building with its shapes and sizes (compared to other buildings around), it could be inspiring and magical.  I had thought about doing a photo that captured the entire library and it's surrounding.  As you can see, there is a large green lawn surrounding the library, almost like a castle and moat.  However, I took this picture because I feel it captures its size well enough, especially with the statue in the front and the town busting through the top of ot screen.  I find that whenever I visit the library, I just want to spend time staring and observing all of the nuances of the stonework, much of which one can see from the outside here.  

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