Photo Reflection of the Day #19: Rusty Railing

What Is It

A rusted out railing holder on an outdoor cement wall.

Why It's today's Pick

On my walk back from dropping off my car at the mechanic's, I kept my eyes peeled for something that would be interesting to capture and talk about.  Luck was with me and I found this gem.  There's so many fascinating elements to it.  Let's talk about the color.  It's drab for certain but there is such a selection of color here that grabbed my attention, the greens, oranges, reds, grays, etc.  The layering is also interesting as you can feel full depth of the picture--the railing holder sticks out quite well.  Then of course, there's the curious treasure trove inside the holder, which looks like gum and maybe something behind it like a wrapper.  The worn look to it also makes it appealing with its missing screw up top and chipped side and almost invisible bottom screw.

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