Photo Reflection of the Day #18: #SelfieSunday #3

What Is It

It's #SelfieSunday, so we know what that means!

Why It's Today's Pick

We'll see how this goes, but I might have to kick it back to #SelfieOfTheMonth as I'm not sure I will be able to produce 5200 words on images of myself or it means I will just have to get more creative and focus in on certain aspects of myself (e.g specific body parts).  I went for my whimsical thinking look here.  This is essentially where my face goes when my mind takes an adventure that the body can't follow.  It's also clear that I haven't shaved in a few weeks.  This is my "pre-semester" game face.  Sometime between now and the start of classes on Tuesday, I'll take out the razor and clean up the face, but for now, I'm a little shaggy. 

This submission is part of the 365 Challenge.  For 2015's submissions, check out this link to all the posts.  For access to all photos, which open for reuse under a Creative Commons License, check out the full album on Flickr.

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