Photo Reflection of the Day #17: No Stumping This Tree

What Is It

A tree stump with new branches growing out of it.

Why It's Today's Pick

This is a tree in my backyard that sits near the garden.  I've been meaning to add this to the collection of photos here as I find this photo speaks to me about resiliency.  It's safe to say that I have tortured this tree over the years.  I regularly removed more and more branches from small ones to large arteries like the one in the photo.  I've done this, not out of spite, but in an attempt to provide more sunlight to my garden.  Of course, I've also worked on the tree's underbelly, hacking away at roots that are in the garden when we turn the soil.  However, the tree keeps going strong.  It is almost hydra-like in that innumerable branches are born from the place where one of its heads was cut off.  This ability to keep going and growing despite the damage has been a part of the reason why I haven't cut it down entirely as I generally like trees (and all plant life).  It reminds me that growth in the face of resistance is a powerful attribute of life.  

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