Photo Reflection of the Day #16: Packing the Bookshelves

What Is It

A stack of boxes filled with books from the bookshelves behind the stack.

Why It's Today's Pick

Well, we're deep into the heart of packing for a move that will take place next week.  It's so strange to see the bookshelves so barren, for as people who know me, know that I am a bibliophile to no end.  Barren shelves feel to me like what a full bottle of whiskey must feel like to an alcoholic: a pure shame.  I don't mean to pick on alcoholics though, I think the comparison formulated in my head because as you can see, many of the boxes are from liquor stores, which is my go-to place for packing boxes since they are constantly going through them.  Packing up my books is as much of a ritual as going to a bookstore or the more enjoyable task of unpacking the books and placing them on their familiar shelves in their new home.  My guess is that there will be a picture for that as well!

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