Photo Reflection of the Day #14: SquareMan Pays Allegiance to Giant Pumpkin

What Is It

A composed picture of a wooden toy figure standing on a laptop raising his arms in worship to the giant desktop photo of my cat Pumpkin.

Why It's Today's Pick

I decided to be a little creative and strange with this one.  The toy figure is something I got at the DeCordova Museum and I like to figit and play with it while I'm thinking.  This probably has something to do with all those years I played with G. I. Joes for hours on end, thinking while playing.  I found the juxtaposition of the figure on the keyboard with the giant face of my cat Pumpkin rather amusing and can imagine a story wherein the block figure is working for Pumpkin who is some overload of the Kingdom of Small Things (she herself is pretty small for a cat--about 6-7 pounds).  I also like the idea of Pumpkin appearing to be large and looming as she is anything but that.

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