Photo Reflection of the Day #13: Leaves at the Picnic Table

What Is It

A picnic table nearly swallowed up by leaves by the Alumni Office on South Campus at Salem State University

Why It's today's Pick

I got to a board meeting early today and wandered around to find a picture to take.  I really liked this one (among the others that I snapped).  That the brown leaves are so abundant, one cannot see the ground and it seems like the picnic table sits in a field of leaves as opposed to the shady little retreat that it must be during the summer days is a captured moment.  I like the trees in the background as well as since their barrenness further emphasizes the season and atmosphere.  I also look at this picture and think about what it must sound like to approach the picnic table.  There seems a solemn and quiet mood about the picnic table and yet to actually approach it would be to break that quiet mood with the crunching of leaves underfoot.  

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