Photo Reflection of the Day #12: A Well Rounded Lunch?

What Is It

A picture of three items I bought at the college cafeteria.

Why It's Today's Pick

So I bought this assortment of items at the cafeteria today, realizing that I might need a little extra umph on a day that I am here longer.  I was marginally amused that when I looked at the content, I could argue that this is a well-rounded meal when it comes to nutrition.  After all, the coffee technically represents fruit-juice (Coffee beans are the seeds of coffee berries).  The potato chips are definitely the vegetable (potato).  The cookie includes my grains and dairy.  Bam!  A well-rounded meal.  Ok, I'm largely joking here, but I guess the realization had me thinking about how things are true but not true.  These foods are not necessarily unhealthy on their own, but within certain contexts (such as this "meal"), they are.  If the chips accompanied a salad (with just veggies), it's not necessarily a bad thing, but taken in context with the cookie and the coffee, makes it more dubious.  To me, this represents the full challenge of food management and eating appropriately.  We typically eat several meals a day and thus must continue to keep the context of other meals in relation to the present meal.  This is tricky and challenging and I think much like this picture, can be a bit deceitful.

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