Photo Reflection of the Day #11: #SelfieSunday #2

What Is It

Selfie #2 of the year, taking in the earlier part of the day in the apartment.

Why It's today's Pick

Well, there's more natural lightning on this one than the one from last week.  There's also a week's worth more of hair growth (I shave head and face about once every 3-4 weeks).  The stubble comes in dark but is usually a brown with occasional a light reddish hue (or at least so I've heard).  The image is a bit blurry because selfies for someone whose hands shake are never easy.  I always knew I had a large forehead but between the receding hairline and the angle of the self, this makes it look enormous.  Maybe that is why I'm such a fan of Frankenstein's monster (or at least the Boris Karloff version).  The eye color is interesting because I'm told it can often fluctuate with what I wear. Therefore in this instance, I would think it would be a more intense blue than green.  Of course, the color might reflect more of the natural lighting than what I'm wearing, given the angle.   

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