Photo Reflection of the Day #10: Building Away at Tiny Tower

What Is It

A screenshot from a game on my phone called Tiny Tower.

Why It's today's Pick

It seems a strange photo of the day to reflect upon.  It's a screenshot of what some might consider a fairly mindless game with not real value besides that which some people put into the game in the form of making in-game purchases for what are essentially more points.  The purpose of the game is to build your tower as tall as possible.  Each floor built must be assigned it's status as rental or some type of shop.  This determines how you will interact with it.  There's much more to the game, but it's one that requires constant small changes.  It's a passive game that you can play quickly while waiting in line or watching something.  It's the micro-version of a game like Civilizations but both work on the same dynamic of building, planning, strategizing (though only within the limited game mechanics in the background).  I tend to like these games and I have to wonder what that says about me.  They can be both mindless as well as engaging but largely, the creation of a tall building or winning civilization doesn't really account for much, especially when I think about the joy I derive from RPGs, wherein at the end of the game, I have traveled in the steps of the characters and feel the breath and weight of their stories.  Maybe, I seek out Tiny Towers as a balance to the more intensive RPG mode of game-playing. 

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