Photo Reflection of the Day #1: The Garden at Winter

What Is It

This is or rather was the garden.  For the last few years, friends and I have gardened in the yard and this is what it looks like in the midst of January.   

Why It's Today's Pick

Well, the garden is in an interesting state.  Like animals and such, it is in a state of hibernation.  There, but not there.  At the end of each fall, I mow the lawn and the leaves and dump it all there to hopefully replenish some of the top soil.  It's curious to look at the debris this close up as I notice there are several things here.  There are of course, the leaves, both full and trimmed.  There's the straw (we put down straw or hay--whichever you're supposed to put down to diminish weeds), small branches and debris from plants that were in the garden, and even shells from the fertilizer that we put down at the start of the season.  I notice that I didn't do well with trying to keep the frame steady and a small piece of blue tarpaulin can be seen in the upper left corner.  

I took it because it captures this cold and wintery first day of the year so well.  It's bleak and yet, in it's drab array of browns and grays, are the kernels of growth and the embedded nourishment that will help life flourish throughout the year.  

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