365 Challenge: The Final Month of Reading

And I crossed the finish line.  365 short stories read and discussed on this blog.  Wow...I'm still in awe of that.  So with that as a goal, it was definitely a success.  However, I unfortunately did not significantly put a dent in my collect of anthologies through this project.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that as I became more and more interested in anthologies, I kept buying them, which is like the person who decides to eat more calories since he is working out more often (something I am notoriously guilty of).  The second reason is that a large chunk of short stories I read did not come from anthologies.  They came from my attempt to move my literature courses into the realm of OER and thus find lots of course readings that I might not have used previously and therefore, had to read.  On the one hand, this was great as I got exposed to even more literature, but on the other, it detracted from chipping away at my collection.  Oh well!

The project was successful but largely fell apart in the final third of the year with me falling behind and having to post a bunch in hindsight rather than one a day or even getting ahead of the posts.  This was to be expected given that my fall was extremely busy both professionally and personally.  

As a whole though, I found it rather successful and rewarding to engage with and write about all those stories.  I've found a lot of new authors that I like and learned that there are some that I rather don't like.  

Here's the run down of monthly summation posts:
Here are the anthologies that I relied upon this month:

Book Cover: The Best Short Stories by Negro Writers by Langston Hughes

Book Cover:  The Complete Short Stories of Ambrose Bierce

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