Photo Reflection of the Day #71: Snowy Train Tracks

What Is It

A show of MBTA train tracks in Beverly.

Why It's Today's Pick

I was walking over to the Beverly Comic-Con (No worries if you missed it--I barely knew it was happening--or that it was it's second year) and crossed an overpass that goes over the train tracks.  I've wanted to get a good shot of these as I'm always fascinated and curious with train tracks; it speaks to the influence the Stand By Me and later on, Station Agent had on me.  And there just seems to be something about train tracks with snow that is mesmerizing to look at.  Maybe it's the mixture of the power of nature to change things (water into snow) combing with humanity's ability to change things (the landscape) that make it so striking and intriguing to look at and ponder.  In this photo as well, the stark contrast between the dark metal of the rails and the white--freshly fallen snow, also provide a great visual.

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