Another Experience With Changing Lives Through Literature

I've talked before about my work with the Changing Lives Through Literature program.  I connect quite well with the program's purpose and goal. So I've wrote the following post to contribute to their blog.  It's published in part here with a link to the full post.  Enjoy! 

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"I’m a newbie to Changing Lives Through Literature, so what I say here might seem old-hat to some or naive to others. I’m about two-thirds through my second group and there are two moments in the program that I find most rewarding.

I choose a mixture of challenging and strange texts. There’s a method to my madness in terms of the range and type, as well as the alignment, but I often get raised eyebrows from the participants and even the parole officers. The texts are evocative, usually leading the participants to come in with clear opinions. These opinions are usually a mixture of confusion, frustration, and dislike because the readings don’t always have clear endings and are sometimes outright confusing."

You can read the full post by visiting the Changing Lives Through Literature blog.

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