Short Story #285: The Ferry of Unfulfilment by O. Henry

Title:  The Ferry of Unfulfilment

Author:  O. Henry


O Henry - Humorist.  Image source: Man from Nome arrives in New York.  He wanders the city and eventually finds a beautify woman.  However, not just any beautiful woman but one that fit with his concept of beauty.  He begins to follow her through the city.  The woman, a sales woman in a department store, is Claribel Colby.  She is making her way through the city to ferry to New Jersey.  She has had a very long day and was exhausted.  She finds a seat alone and sits.  The Man from Nome approaches and begins to talk to her.  She chides him at first, tired of being harassed by men.  He tries to explain that he is not like the rest and that he followed her from the street.  She is hesitant but also tired.  He compliments and tries to explain how much he likes her.  However, as he begins to explain that he is also rich and wants to share his life with her, she falls asleep.  As he continues to talk he explains that she can have both a loving husband and riches.  To this, she speaks the words cash.  The Man from Nome hears this and quickly departs.  She awakes and wonders where the man has gone.  


A quick and amusing story that plays with the idea of love at first sight.  You keep wondering how the two will come together--until they don't.  

Short Story #285 out of 365
Rating: 3 (out of 5 stars)
Date Read:  10/1/2014
Source:  You can read the full text of this short story at this website.

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