365 Challenge: 31 Stories for August

Much of August's month was posts from short stories that I read in July.  I had a few Ambrose Bierce in there, but the largest was a mixture of American Literature short stories.  This will be the case for much of September too.  However, I am getting ahead on the reading overall, which is good because September and October are going to be very busy months with lots of professional and personal events transpiring.  

As I pass into September, I've also passed the 2/3's mark and have been doing this blogging of short stories for 8 months which is pretty epic, I think.  It makes me wonder how long this trend will last and if I can swear off any new anthologies and just get through all the anthologies I have in the next three years.  Here's to crossing my fingers on that mission!  In the meantime, here are this year's monthly reflections on the Short Story Challenge.

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