365 Challenge: 31 Stories for July

And we end the seventh month of this 12 month (for now) journey, I have had another whirlwind of fascinating tales.  However, this was an entirely Ambrose Bierce month.    I'm still working on Bierce's collection of tales and may finish that up by September with interspersed other short stories.  I'm definitely needing a break from Bierce but feel if I leave him now, I may never return.  I also think it's cool to have read the entire short story collection of a particular author.  

Book cover: Complete Short Stories of Ambrose BierceThere's a lot of other stories I read this month that I'm slowly logging onto short story blog list.  I recently revised my American Literature 2 course and introduced a whole lot more stories (students had the option to pick which stories they read), so with some 200+ new and old pieces to choose from, I found I had a lot of reading to do for this month.  But of course, it was all enjoyable and gave me some new profound appreciation for the authors that I have read.  Some of those have made it into July and more will make it into August and September (maybe even throughout the rest of the project--we'll see).

I realize the biggest challenge for managing time is often not the reading or the writing but the composing on Blogger.  That is, I've made a template so that I can plug things in, but I still have to create a new post, copy & paste the template, add images, links, and such that can gobble up time.  At times, I have set to doing this in batches while doing something else, but it doesn't always work out well that way.  

Back to reading!  I can't believe I've been doing this for over 200 entries.  I thought I might have abandoned long ago but apparently, it's a health challenge for me.  

For those interested in my past monthly reflections on short stories, here they are:

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