365 Challenge: 30 Stories for June

This marks the half-way mark through this project.  Over 180 short stories read and I keep on trucking!  I'm glad that I'm still going strong with reading and the writing.  I find it to be rewarding to find new stories or even run into old ideas in new form while also getting to know new and old authors.  That each week I can see 

This month I'm focusing a lot on Ambrose Bierce.  There are a couple reasons for that.  The first is that I like Bierce and the opportunity to spend so much time with him is great.  Probably much better than my time spent with Ray Bradbury earlier this year.  I also have enjoyed them because I've been particularly busy and his stories tend to be fairly short in length or quick-reads in general.  

I can thank this project for getting me well over the 500 blog-post mark.  By years' end, I will most likely be close to 800 blog posts since March, 2010.  Given that most of my posts are content-rich, that's a reasonable amount of content in the past 4.5 years.  It's been curious to see the effect this project has had on readership and what past posts people find and read as a result of finding this blog.  I've even had some new email subscriptions to the blog which is pretty neat as well.  I've not had a lot of discussion around the stories but some people have followed up with comments and even enlightened me as to deeper meaning of a text which I thought was pretty cool.

For those interested in my past monthly reflections on short stories, here they are:

Despite being Bierce heavy, there were a few other anthologies I enjoyed this month:  

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