Short Story #165: The Inhabitant of Carcosa by Ambrose Bierce

Title:  The Inhabitant of Carcosa

Author:  Ambrose Bierce


Book cover: Complete Short Stories of Ambrose BierceA man comes to awareness in an ancient ruin.  He wanders it and determines that he is far from his city of Carcosa.  He encounters several people in this area but they do not actually see him.  They walk past and speak in alien tongues.  As he wanders, he finds a disheveled grave that he is able to clear and read.  It is his name that is on the tombstone and it's at this moment that he realizes that Carcosa is the ancient city and that he is long dead.  


It's was a decent story.  I liked following the protagonist as he wandered the foreign city that so quickly came to be the city that he was from. 

Short Story #165 out of 365
Rating: 3 (out of 5 stars)
Date Read:  6/12/2014
Source:  The Complete Short Stories of Ambrose Bierce, compiled by Ernest Jerome Hopkins.  Bison Books, 1984.  The full works of Ambrose Bierce, including this story can be found here on

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