365 Challenge: 31 Stories for May

Another month of solid reading and writing about short stories.  I cleared another anthology but of course, picked up a new anthology while at a flea market.  I couldn't help it really.  It was a hardcover of American literature from the 1940s with some 60 stories, about 2/3 of which I haven't read.  It was in decent condition and two dollars. Clearly, it was a necessity!

So I'm looking at all of my anthologies.  In order to clear them all out and assuming that I don't buy any more, there are about 550 stories to read.  This has me wondering if I should keep going with this project until I clear out all of my anthologies.  It's something I'm contemplating for now.  We'll see if by the end of the year if I am not sick of short stories.  

No major updates this month because feeling like I've got this down to a routine and to day have completed over 150 stories, which I'm pretty happy about.  

For those interested in my past monthly reflections on short stories, here they are:
Anthologies from this month's reads include:

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