Short Story #130: Love in Haste by Andre Obey

Title:  Love in Haste

Author:  Andre Obey


Great French Short Stories edited by M. E. Speare.  The World Publishing Company, 1943A younger man and older woman set off on having an affair.  Though they know it won't work and is doomed, they still follow down the path of love and lust.  The man offers to take her on a world tour and they can enjoy the sights and the pleasures that such a trip brings them.  Their first stop is the countryside and the man sets to enjoying the local nature, bringing her along for the walk as well.  While enjoying a hike, the woman injures her ankle.  She tries to keep going but is exhausted by the effort.  In this moment, the chasm between them is made clear.  They return to their room.  They do go out that evening, but it becomes only clearer that the man has certainly lost his drive for the woman and the woman understands that this was to happen all along.  


Told like a fairy tale where we get "a man and woman" with no names, the story captured well the sentiment of a love or romantic or lustful relationship that is doomed to fail.  That they move forward with it anyways is something all too common, though not necessarily tragic.  The story condenses well the full experience and the scene when the man and woman are in the woods is fascinating.  The mere phrase "It will soon be winter" hints at both the demise of the relationship and the demise of the older woman.  

Short Story #130 out of 365
Rating: 3 (out of 5 stars)
Date Read:  5/7/2014
Source:  Great French Short Stories edited by M. E. Speare.  The World Publishing Company, 1943.  You can find this story and others in this anthology at this resource. 

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