Short Story #122: Jealousies by Frederic Boutet

Title:  Jealousies

Author:  Frederic Boutet


Great French Short Stories edited by M. E. Speare.  The World Publishing Company, 1943Diane arrives at her friend's house, Genevieve to announce that she has discovered that her husband, Georges, is sleeping around on her.  Genevieve who has been divorced is shocked to hear this news and tries to convince Diane that this is not the case.  She encouraged her to go home and to Georges to discuss what she believes.  When Diane goes home and meets with Georges, she explains that Genevieve is remarrying.  Georges is shocked to hear this and stammers at it.  At this point, Diane reveals that it was a rouse to discover his affection to Genevieve.  She tells him that Genevieve has told her everything about their affair.  Her accusations raise his temper enough that he leaves the house.  He wanders and finds himself at Genevieve's house where he talks to her and they share the stories that Diane told both of them and the craziness of her accusations.  However, it is here that they discover there is a spark between them.  The story ends with each of them realizing that they do like the other.  


I rather liked this story's ending.  I kept going back and forth about whether there was something between Georges and Genevieve, but I found how Boutet's spun the story fascinating with Diane actually causing the infidelity that she was concerned about.  The ironic ending is well executed.  

Short Story #122 out of 365
Rating:  4 (out of 5 stars)
Date Read:  4/27/2014
Source:  Great French Short Stories edited by M. E. Speare.  The World Publishing Company, 1943.  You can find this story and others in this anthology at this resource.

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