365 Challenge: 30 Stories for April

My month of April was a little challenging to complete all the stories given all the different projects and things going on.  However, I kept plugging away.  In fact, I finished three anthologies which I was pretty happy about.  

The grove has been established and I'm racing through stories, sometimes getting upwards of a week ahead in the blog posts.  Where I'm faulting the most with this project was that it's goal was to reduce the amount of anthologies that I have in my apartment.  Unfortunately, I have continued to purchase new ones (especially old ones) as I visit bookstores and such.  I might have to make a new rule about no more book purchases until I read all the books I have (next year's goal mayhaps?).  

Regardless, I'm four months into this (past the 1/3 mark) and still really enjoying it.  I wasn't sure reading a short story a day and writing about it would be sustainable but I'm finding it is.  Much like my running, it's an act of self-care and reflection that seems to propel me forward.  

Some of my highlights from this month include:

For those interested in my past monthly reflections on short stories, here they are:

Anthologies included from this month's reads include:

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