Short Story #50: The Tail by M.J. Engh

Title:  The Tail

Author:  M.J. Engh

Short Story # out of 365

Rating:  2 (out of 5 stars)

Book cover:  Bill Fawcett - Cats in Space (1992)
Date Read:  2/16/2014
Source:  Cats in Space and Other Spaces, edited by Bill Fawcett, Baen Books, 1992.


This very short story is told through the first person view of a cat who tries to explain to the reader about the nature of a cat's tail.  He explains the different ways the tails work and are essentially a separate identity from the cat itself.  The two are in an eternal struggle with each other.  Shortly after this explanation, the cat recalls his most recent travails wherein the tail caught him off guard which led his humans to laugh and enraged him do battle with his tail and eventually subdue his tail.  However, he still eyes his tail questioningly.


The story was all right.  Again, like other cat stories in this anthology, it opens up some interesting views of cats and their tails but it wasn't particularly too engaging.

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