Short Story #33: Finger! Finger! by Margaret Ronan

Title:  Finger! Finger!

Author:  Margaret Ronan

Short Story #33 out of 365

Rating: 3 (out of 5 stars)

Date Read: 1/26/2014
First page of Finger Finger by Margaret Ronan - Unknown Worlds 1941
SourceAlfred Hitchcock Presents Stories for Late at Night edited by Alfred Hitchcock and Robert Arthur.  The story can also be found here on this site.


Carola has been hired to work as a servant for Miss Amanda, a bed-bound heavy woman.  She's quite nervous and the cook coaches her on how to care for Miss Amanda.  When Carola first meets Miss Amanda, she's a bit shocked by her appearance.  Miss Amanda greets her and begins to ask her about her love life which embarrasses Carola.  Carola attempts to avoid her through the rest of the day but is requested to come just at the end of the day when her lover arrives to pick her up.  Miss Amanda grabs hold of her and through some means of magic, switches bodies with her.  In Miss Amanda's body, Carola looks out the window to see that Miss Amanda as Carola meeting her boyfriend.  She calls out that "Carola" is a thief and so the cook grabs her and brings her to Miss Amanda's room.  "Carola" brags about how she will get away but "Miss Amanda" strangles her just as the police arrive.  


I liked the story.  It had a nice dark element to it.  Miss Amanda is done well as a wicked character.  It's not just her description but her gestures and her manner of talk.  It was enjoyable to see such a villain.  But that Carola kills her in the end is fascinating because it makes us wonder is this what has happened to every previous maid?  Was there ever a "real" Miss Amanda or is she since long dead?  The corruption of the young and innocent in so quickly was well done.  
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