Tales of Running: The Wall of Many Thanks

So if you haven't heard already, I ran the first marathon of my life this past week.  It's been an epic 2.5 year quest to achieve as I've chronicled within this blog.  This certainly won't be the last blog post on the subject matter as I'm not likely to give up running but will try for more and more accomplishments.  But before I go for more victory laps, I want to thank people.  While it is undoubtedly me who runs these races, I do not get there without some help from many people.  I've said before that I'm proud of my accomplishment, but there are many things that contribute to my success.

Thus, I'm taking this time to thank all of the people who have been helpful in me achieving this.  Help comes in many forms.  With some such as my partner and friends, it means coming to races or providing me a hearty meal (before or after) a big race.  For others, it's the mere inquiry of how my training is going and genuine interest and encouragement of what I'm doing.  Others help me with ideas, tips, and ways to overcome obstacles while others help me by allowing me to help them (that is, the act of helping them reinforces and renews my strength).  Some I own thanks for getting me out to do a run or bike ride and others just for congratulating me me on my accomplishments.  All of this contributes to a very positive environment for me, which has proved crucial to running after a childhood of (feeling like a) failure in which I always came in last and was usually derided for it.

So here is my wall of thanks.

Joanne A.
Ariel B.
Jennifer B.
Bruce C.
Elizabeth C.
Erin C.
Jessica C.
Lynn C.
Sarah C.
Jana D.
Jen D.
Larry D.
Allison E.
Ashely E.
Felicia E.
Jessica E.
Mudty E.
Paula E.
Trevor E.
Julie F.
Anna G.
Lauren G.
Mike G.
David H.
Michele H.
Sarah H.  (of Shanti Bodywork)
Bert Thijs J.
Corey J.
Danielle J.
David K.
Jasmine K.
Kara K.
Rich K.
Robin L.
Angela M.
Dan M.
Emma M.
Kellie M.
Kerri M.
Tom M.
Winston M.
Danielle O.
Mandy P.
Drew Q.
Linda Q.
Matt Q.
Cody R.
Jared R.
Judy R.
Tricia R.
Vinne R.
Antonio S.
David S.
Linda S.
Mike S.
Rachael S.
Rebecca S.
Regina S.
Walter S.
Donna T.
Renee T.
Katie W.
Rob W.

There are probably people missing...though I hope not.  I've been racking my head but will probably not remember everyone (if you're not sure you see your name and think you should be here--let me know; it was not an intentional oversight!).

Last, but not least by any means of the imagination is my partner, Christine.  She has been an amazing and supportive partner, doing her best to get me to, through and home from many of the runs as well as helping me with my training throughout.  I do believe I could have done this without her--but it wouldn't have been nearly enjoyable, stress-free, and injury-free.

So thank you all.  I hope that I can be as helpful and supportive of your endeavors as you have been of mine.
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