Letter to the Editor: Thank you Peabody

I was happy to see this letter finally published.  I was thinking that maybe they would skip on it, but here is my letter to the editor, thanking the City of Peabody for being efficient.

"To the editor:

As a kid, it always seemed like potholes would continue to grow and become the thing of legends in size. When they were filled with rain water, we would dare one another to leap over them or even more risky, reach into the murky depths, anticipating something gross or monstrous. They were curious obstacles in the landscape of childhood.

When I first started to drive, they became threats to my tire and shock system. Over the last year, as three large potholes developed at the end of my driveway in such a way that it was impossible for me not to hit one of them, I grew leery about what to do. If my childhood was any indicator, they would grow ever larger until the entire street was paved over. Sure, I had heard of potholes being filled, but it always seemed like some magical process that included invoking the right amount of chants (or curses, maybe) at any one public official."

For the full letter, click on through to the Salem News.

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