From the History Dept Blog: History Tools in the Digital Age

This was a post of mine recently published on the NSCC History Department Blog:

"It can sometimes sound like the war-stories of old but when I was in college, "smart classrooms" were barely in existence and few faculty could use them.  But here at North Shore Community College, we have the fully fledged multimedia console in the vast majority of our classrooms and it can fundamentally change how we teach history.

Capable and competent instructors that we are, we are quite capable of engaging an audience who is usually less than thrilled to be taking a "required" history course.  But we do not have to do it entirely on our own.   What follows are a variety of digital resources that can be used inside and outside the classroom for your students that can help the course come alive.  The beauty of these resources is that they are public domain or open content, allowing for much more dynamic use of them without violating copyright and potentially creating a vast collection of resources that can allow the instructor to bypass the traditional textbook (and its hefty price)."

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