Travel On: Wherein Lance Goes to Europe for 3 Weeks

So for those that don't know, from May 10 to May 30, I will be off to Europe for three weeks.  For two weeks, I will be staying in Zwolle, Netherlands with a good friend and colleague.  From there, I will be visiting Berlin for about 2 days, Paris for 3 days, and London for 2 days.  I am (obviously) pretty excited about the trip and thought I would capture my travels through a mixture of blogging and video blogging.  However, while I'll update here to let people know when I've updated my journal and my video travelogue, the content itself will not likely be stowed here.  So below you can see my first update.  And you can keep up with my exploits by subscribe to My Channel.

You can check out regularly updated travel journal below or click there to access it.  I will be updating this blog with reminders of when I've updated the other resources.

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