2 Months - Where are Those Goals?

So now that we're into March, I figured I'd come back and take a look at my goals and thoughts for 2013 and see how I'm measuring up to them.  The current track record is a bit lackluster to say the least.    But I also think a reflection like this is apt to keep me on track or at least reviving some of these.

So where am I on track?  Well, after my most recent run, I feel like I've created a good benchmark to put me on track to run a marathon this year.  If I can reasonably run 10 miles with 10 minute miles, I feel that a marathon is certainly on track.  With regards to pull up?  I'm up to 5 or 6 though that's more of work of the last two weeks than it has been a systematic process.  I've also been keeping up with my blog and overall have seen a consistent increase in visitors to the site over the last two months.

So what goals have been in the middle of the road in terms of progress or very little progress?  If I set a pace of running 20 miles a week to meet the 1000 miles run in 2013, I would be drastically under the count since to date, I have only run 41 miles in the last two months (that's not the only exercise I've done--just the only running I've done).  However, since I acquired a treadmill in late January and have gotten into a better habit of running on it, I feel that number  will pick up soon--especially now that I've got my first season run under my belt and am quite happy with the results.  Success begets success.  So though I'm somewhat behind I feel like I'm heading int he right direction.

Filling the Thankful Jar I was going strong for much of January and part of February but got distracted.  I may give up on trying to backdate the last 2-3 weeks and just focus on regrouping to start putting in notes today and moving forward.  The good-deed jar I kept up for most of January but have trailed off.  I find it problematic to decipher between what's a good deed and what I'm thankful for as well as what constitutes a "good deed."  Rather, I find myself asking "is that good enough"?  For instance, if I help someone out because it's part of my job, but I also take pride in helping in such instances, is that jar-worthy?

So where am I close to failing or haven't worked out the right approach to enact?  I've been clearly horrible at eating out only once a week.  I haven't been successful with this for any week that I can think of.  This leads me to think there needs to be a better way to enforce it or prime myself to aim for it.  I'll have to play with this a bit more.  I don't think I've made significant progress on the book though or done much with it.  I've been focusing more on my blogging and of recent, I've been engrossed in writing a short story that is working its way through me.  But again, this might mean it needs some better planning and focus.  Mayhaps, I aim for a certain word count within the book as I've seen others do.  Equally insubstantial is the progress I have made on using my car less.  Like the writing, I need a clearly and more quantifiable benchmark.  As for the last goal I set out, learning to program, I think I'm likely to bench that for this year as I'm considering going for a degree in programming at a future date.  After all, I'm still working on a Master's degree and teaching.  I can put one of these goals on hold and that seems the most feasible one.

So that's where I am with my goals for the year.  Some progress and some flatlining.  But it's still early in the year and the opportunities are still out there.

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  1. All in all I'd say you're doing pretty well. I have decided not to do a marathon this year. Or actually, any year until my kids are moderately self-sufficient. It takes so much time to get all those long runs in! Good luck on these projects. I will follow with interest.


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