What I'm Giving Thanks For

Shortly into November, I saw the rise of friends on different social networks giving daily thanks.  They were participating in 30 Days of Thanks.  It's a great idea and one that seemed to catch among friends from one to another.  By the time I came across it, I figured it was too late to start for November.  I'm sure some would say that it's never too late to give thanks and to that I would agree.  However, I figured instead of the trend already established, I would just reflect upon within this blog to consider all the gifts in my life.

So what does it mean to give thanks?  It means to recognize that my life is not my own, entirely.  That for all the great and wonderful things afforded me in my life come from the people and things around me, just as much as it does from me.  Dear friends and loved ones who care and provide for me physical, emotional, and mental support.  Colleagues and professional associates who provide me great opportunities for work and development as well as insights into the world that I don't have.  The social, economic, and cultural opportunities granted to me by the time and place that I live in.  The stability and safety of the areas that I have grown up in.

To give thanks in its entirety is to recognize that while I may be self-evident, the evidence of my continued success in this world is built upon a great many other people, institutions, and privileges granted to me and sadly, denied to billions in this world.  I am blessed in myriad ways and try to live my life in a way that takes advantage of those blessings as much as possible.

So I give thanks on this day and in reflecting about the ways that I have much to be thankful, I hope that I can live a life that is more appreciative and genuine 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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