Tales of Running: That's Gonna Hurt In the Morning

So I know I just ran a half-marathon on Saturday and I should probably give myself some rest.  But I couldn't resist.  I found my body yearning to hit the road again.  Maybe it was because how I felt about the half-marathon or just that I feel a post-run buzz.  It could be because fall is finally here and that makes me happy too.  Or it could be that I ate crappy and was largely sedentary today so I figured this could at least balance that out.

But the run was wonderfully delightful.  A bit tricky for sure; running at night is hard because the sidewalk is not always visible which is even more problematic when running barefoot or with vibrams.  But I totally rocked it.  I ran 4.3 miles.  Not a long run for sure (oh, the amusement of that sentence:  Lance just said 4.3 miles was "not a long run".  Hilarity).  I set a strong pace and did the run in 40:05.  That's a 9:19 mile pace which is ok.  I've done better but when juxtaposed with the run the other day and the fact that it was night, I'd say it was pretty good.  Overall, it just felt good to push myself hard.  On most runs, I am pushing distance and keeping solely pacing on making sure I finish.  In this instance, I was focused solely on pushing myself to go hard.

Right now, I'm clearly running on endorphins and excitement.  I'm proud of the accomplishment; I'm energized by a hard but short run.  But I have a good feeling (or is that a bad feeling) that I'm going to feel this in morning.  I'm off to shower and stretch...and maybe pop some aspirin--I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

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