No School: Sweet!

Ok, I'll admit it.  I'm slightly giddy at the cancellation of school tomorrow due to "Frankenstorm" hitting the US's northeast's coast throughout tomorrow.  I'm happy to have the day off but also highly intrigued by the discussing, obsessing, and goofiness of it all.  From the naming of Hurricane Sandy as Frankenstorm (check out the Wikipedia entry) to the continually updates people have received in the 24+ news cycle and the various posts on Facebook and Twitter (#HurricaneSandy and #Frankenstorm), you pretty much have to live in a bubble to not to have heard about it or been threatened by it.  The current trend I'm seeing is people posting photos of grocery stores being completely emptied out because of the forthcoming storm (such as this one).

In similar capacity to what I saw with the great earthquake of New England, I decided to create a facebook page in a similar fashion called:  Thanks Sandy The Frankenstorm, I Don't Have School Tomorrow.  Clearly, there's an element of egotism on here (we know I can be an attention whore), but I'm not nearly as interested in my own self-promotion as I am at seeing how the numbers play out--how quickly does it grow (if it grows quickly at all) and what can be derived from that information as relates to learning and social media.

So here's to exploring of something can be made of a mass event and engaging with people about it and its potential uses.  I'll post a follow up in the next week as we see what happens (or doesn't happen).

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