Tales of 9 Runs: Ok, Clearly Bit Off More Than I Could Chew

So today's Greenbelt's 3rd Annual Beverly Commons Trail Run didn't go as expected.  I signed up for the 7.3 mile ride, but only completed the 3.6 mile trail. In the context of everything, I'll take that as a win.  This week as a whole has been a major epic win in running.  I ran about 35 miles...in a single week.
Lance Eaton after the Greenbelt's 3rd Annual Beverly Commons Trail Run
After the run-hurting

I talked about my major breakthrough on last Sunday.  This was followed up by a 5.4 mile run on Tuesday and then my friend and I went for a 10.8 mile run on Friday.  It was his first venture past the 9 mile mark and we had a good time of it.  Our time wasn't great, but we were aiming to finish.  More importantly, for me, I found my running with him impressive because I managed to have regular conversations over the nearly 2 hour.  We didn't talk the whole time, but we did talk.  I was never one that was good at conversing while running.  I always thought it crazy because I had enough trouble with breathing.  But sure enough, we fell into our rhythms of conversation and I was able to hold most of the conversations (though there were a few where my agreements turned into grunts).

But that good run cost me on today's run as did my ignorance.   First, I didn't realize a "trail run" was different from a regular run.  I'm still a neophyte to the terminology and lingo.  I didn't pay much attention to that word until I was looking at the information for the run this week and figured it out.  I realized I had to trade in my Vibram 5 Fingers for my Merrells with the Vibram soul because if it was a forest trail, I find the 5 Fingers usually problematic with rocks getting stuck between the toes. I generally haven't run in my Merrells--I use them mostly for work and walking around.  They're my "appropriate shoes" that don't evoke looks when walking around.  They were actually fine to run in, I was just overexerted from the previous day's run.
Lance Eaton's numbers thus far.

I got about one mile into this run and realized that I wasn't going to be able to do the full 7.3 miles.  I was very content with the decision as I could tell that if I did, I might risk hurting myself with just a week before the big run.  It wasn't worth and I had nothing to prove--I had run10.8 miles less than 16 hours ago.  I enjoyed the trail running--it was definitely harder and pushed me more than street running. It's something I will have to explore further.  Shifting directions, balancing, conscious foot placing, the ups, the downs, etc.  It pushed me and I liked it.  I was also surprised because this was the first time since I started this running kick that I've taken a dive.  At one point along the run, I tripped and hit the ground.  This served as a clear indication that I was aching and wouldn't be seeing the full 7.3 miles.  However, I didn't do too bad in the overall numbers, apparently.

Well, here I am at the end of summer and it's been a long and awesome trip.  Of the 9 I set out to do, I've now completed 7 with one more to go.  8 out of 9 is a pretty good record as far as I see it.  One week from Monday, I will be participating in the 25K Around the Cape and I'm totally ready for it.

While I'm also thinking about it, the first run that I ever participated in is going again this fall.  The 2nd Annual Lynda J Talbot 5K Memorial Run is running again this fall and I encouraged anyone reading this and in the area to join.  It's a nice 5K on October 1.  Right now, I won't be able to attend (most likely I will be in Washington DC that weekend), but you can be sure that if I am around, I will be running it--coming full circle.

Given the adventures of this week, I am giving myself a post week massage from a good friend and skilled massage therapist at Shanti Bodywork.  It will help loosen up my body for next week's big run and is a well-deserved treat for this week's performance.

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