Tale of 9 Runs: Going the Distance

Somewhere between preparing for this half-marathon, working through Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (my review will be posted), plotting out my fall semester, and thinking how the mere act of blogging has propelled me into this venture, I found myself adding two more runs to the fall:  The Applefest Half-Marathon and more importantly, the Nahant 30K.  Just 2 weeks after my first 25K, I'm gonna press my luck and up the ante.

30K...I took it up with no big whoop.  I saw the race in a listing at North Shore Road Race Guide and the question, "Can I do it?" never crossed my mind.  Instead, it was, "Does this fit my schedule?"  It did.  I signed up.  Then I realized.  "Dude, you just signed up for a 30K race?"  That's pretty much how it happened and I'm still rather proud of it.  Without blinking, I reached for it.  This tells me one of two things (though they are not mutually exclusive).

1.  You've gotten confident with your running.  Not confident in winning, but comfortable with your skill set with regard to running to believe pushing the ante further is perfectly reasonable.

2. You're frakking crazy (excuse the "frak"--been working my way through Battlestar Galactica).  A theory I've always been a strong fan of and never negated when dealing with me.

Regardless, I'm doing it and I'm excited.  And the fact that I am excited, makes me more excited.  In less than a year, running has become a passion that ranks up there with teaching, writing, audiobooks, comics, and reading.  That tells me lots about myself, most importantly, that I can still find new things to excite me.  That's something I think is important and maybe has something to do with keeping a happy-go-lucky disposition about life:  there's still newness to it.  There's new experiences and ideas to be had, if I but take the time and mind to engage in them.

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