Tales of 9 Runs: One Miss--One Hit

So this week I was supposed to run a 5 miler on the 4th of July.  I woke up Wednesday morning and it was raining.  Not hard, but I really didn't feel the need to spend my 4th of July getting soggy.  So I skipped out and did a workout in my apartment (which was substantially more than what the run would have been, so I feel vindicated.  Interestingly though, this will still be Tales of 9 Runs because I'm doing a follow up half-marathon in October--which by the way, I'm doing this with a team and we're looking for additional runners, if you're interested--let me know!  Truth be told, I'll probably do a few more runs along the way.  It's great fun (and still crazy-weird to feel that way).

Beyond the skipped run, I do have good news to report.  Despite my concern about hitting a wall, I had another personal record.  On Friday, I set out and ran 9.4 miles.  I don't want to say it was an easy run--none of this has been easy.  But I felt capable and confident with completing it.  I got some good advice and reminders from my friend Winston that made a substantial difference.  I also brought a few bucks with me and bought a drink at a point along the way that I knew I would need to start hydrating.  I also took my own advice and got out early before it got too hot.  It was warming up well by the end of my run, but the first half was cool and shady.

Winston reminded me what I had somehow forgot:  to go slow.  I've gotten excited about running and some of that generated into me wanting to take off from the gate, but I needed (and continued to need) to be deliberate, particularly in the first half of the run.  So today, I made sure I was running 10 minute miles, had my energy bites, and found my way to hydration.  It all came together quite well and I was able to get to 9.4 miles with little hassle.  With just about 2 months, I'm at the 2/3's mark (9.4 out of 15.4 miles), so I think that puts me in good shape so long as I stay consistent and steady with the running, slow down, hydrate, and plan well.

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