100th Celebratory Post!

So this is my 100th post.  It's taken my about 2 1/3 years to get here.  Not a record-breaking pace by any means but I survived the 6 month death march that happens to many blogs.  I've also successfully transistion the purpose and name of the blog from the Hitchhiking Adjunct to By Any Other Nerd.  That obviously makes my first blog post, way back when, a bit irrelevant (I'm sure there's plenty that makes it irrelevant, but just speaking to this particular aspect).

Not all posts have been "true" posts to this particular blog.  A good deal have been blog posts I've written elsewhere (such as the NSCC LETS Blog and the Freeway Flyer) and added a snippet of the post here, then redirected the reader to the actual blog post on that site.  Overall, I've managed to keep going with this blog with a range of topics, ideas and thoughts, that people have regularly commented upon.  So I've managed to keep it looking fresh, or at least I believe so.  I feel I've got a better hand on it than maybe I did after the first year.

Memorable (and Not So) Posts

So by far, I think the post on the death of a student was the most poignant and intense of my posts in the 100.  It's always curious to see what readers have responded to.  For instance, this post on sequels, had over 2500 hits.  It makes me wonder whose radar it showed up on.  This post about how we process intolerance with regards to religion, I didn't think was fantastic on my end, but the details responses by my students I found to be very interesting. My Letter to the Editor in the Boston Globe was probably one of my personal highlights in my writing experiences.  


Having reached 100, I plan to keep going forward and writing more.  I'm hitting a good stride with it and have found it's good for different outlets such as my posts on running or my thoughts on audiobooks.  I'll continue to cross post what I'm writing elsewhere as I feel it's good to have a centralized place for my writings, but really do want to expand more.  I'm also going to consolidate some of my categories as there's a decent amount of overlap and there's some categories that aren't as relevant as they were before.  Also, I can feel that I'm shifting into a more creative phase of my life and I plan to document that on here. Whether that's gardening, computer scripting, or woodwork (all of which are vying for my attention), you can be sure find it here.

I'm hoping to grow my audience more.  No so much for the fandom (though who am I kidding, I'm a total attention whore), but more for the interaction.  I like writing, but I like dialogue more and want this blog to be a conduit to that.  So please, be sure to spread the word, Like, +1, Tweet, Link, etc.  I've certainly enjoyed the traffic and the people who have left comments and look forward to more.

So for my regular readers--what have you enjoyed, learned, taken from this blog? I'm hoping there is some answers to this one :)

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