A New Direction (and Update)

Greetings and salutations one and all.

So it's 6 months since last we met and many of you have faded off into the sunset--for good reasons.  A blog doesn't live on lack of posts.  But much has been changed over the course of the last 6 months and clearly this blog is taking on a new direction (Not to be confused with EC Comics' New Direction).

So what is this new direction(s)?  Well, I am no longer a hitch-hiking adjunct (or rather not as much).  In the fall, I interviewed for and started my new position as Coordinator of Instructional Design at North Shore Community College.  This means that I have "largely" reduced to just teaching at 3 schools (soon to be 2--all for good reasons) and I've started work on my 3rd Master's Degree (what a nerd!).  Ok--that's a lot of shuffling and I can break it down.  I got the new position (yay) and quite most of my teaching gigs to the capacity that I was teaching them (6-8 courses per semester).  Because teaching 6-8 courses is really like 2-3 jobs (calculating transporting time, grading, prepping for 4-5 different classes, etc), meant that downgrading to 1 full time job is awesome, but clearly, not going to keep me fully engaged.  Additionally, a Master's Degree that aligns with my job a bit more directly than the other two masters I have is a great idea (or so I'm told-hahaha).  Thus, even with teaching a handful of classes (3 online, 1 face to face) and working full time, starting the Masters Program actually works fine (plus, I'm only taking 1 course for starters).  Despite all of this, life has slowed tremendously (and wonderfully).

Thus, I find myself looking at this blog and still wanting to maintain it, but realizing that "Hitchhiking Adjunct" doesn't work so much any more (A moment of silence for its passing).  I still want to use this as a means of reaching out to my students as I still fully intend to teach.  But I also want it to flesh out ideas and hopefully with some of the downtime now, I can seek more opportunities to develop my writing and get out those books that are percolating in my head.

So what does this new direction look like?  Probably much like the old (though more frequent posts, yes?).  I'm still engaging in popular culture, education, technology, politics, environmental thoughts, and the world around me.  While I'm not longer blogging as a Freeway Flyer, I am now also blogging regular for the North Shore Community College's Learning, Education, Technology and Support Blog (LETS Blog), which I will likely repost regularly here too.

I hope--whatever readers are still around or come back or arrive anew, will engage with me, challenge me, and share your own thoughts about what I might ramble about here.

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