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Unions Don’t Always Go Hand-in-Hand

Of late, I’m feeling like Jurgis; the protagonist of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.  Of course, my situation (as of right now) is not as dire, but the sentiment and issues still seem to be percolating.

The concern over adjunct faculty and their place within higher education has certainly gotten attention over the last two months.  While the Boston Globe dedicates a full article, The Nation certainly talks about (or at least around) the subject.  Meanwhile both The Chronicle and Inside Higher Ed continue to make mention of and discuss some of the concerns of the ever-growing adjunct faculty nation in Academe.  Meanwhile, adjunct faculty are voicing their own outright opposition to the status quo in hopes of creating a solidarity movement across campuses and secure rights for adjunct faculty who are largely left in some rather Kafkaesque situations.

To read the full article, check it out here at Adjunct Nation.

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