The Blog Year In Review

Well, it’s been a year since I started this blog; so go me for beating the odds and being among the blogs to actually survive beyond the 6 months.  I’m also congratulating myself on managing to be somewhat reliable and post a few a month (most months) and manage about 60 blogs in the first year—that’s just over 1 a week.  I’m hoping to improve that in the next year, but who knows.  And ultimately, I shouldn’t be too proud of that since a reasonable portion of those posts were repostings of things published elsewhere. 

So how has blogging been for me?  Fun, frustrating and rewarding. 


I’ve been enjoying having a forum to put together semi-coherent thoughts and put them out into the world for people to read.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and this gives me a means of writing about things that grab my attention and feel I can talk about with some level of intelligence.  When I get into a post that I’m thinking about, I find myself smiling and rather enjoying myself.


There’s sooooo much to write about.  My links folder filled with article links and topic ideas is like 30+ pages long and keeps growing.  I would love to spend a week straight just writing as many as possible and then just release them on a regular basis.  It’s also frustrating because it does slip my mind with my other responsibilities and then I feel like I’m disappointing my blog.  I’ll log in—and it will still be there like a faithful dog but I project the long face and sad eyes saying, “Why have you abandoned me for so long?  Don’t you love me?”  Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but there’s still a sense of guilt. 


 I’ve had friends, family, students, and random strangers comment on the blog, or to me directly that they enjoy reading it and appreciate what I’m doing.   It’s also rewarding because it has definitely spurred my writing and gotten me back into working on some other writing projects that I hope I will at some point be capable of talking about here (or even pimping out the products of said work). 

Ok, I’ve made it a year. So what’s the next goal?  Any recommendations the readers out there?  I think I want to write more and I’m pretty sure that’s feasible with the changes in my forthcoming schedule, but what else?  I am also hoping to do some more writing on audiobooks.  In fact, I had planned to do a good deal of that, but it never came up in my posts.  

If you have some thoughts of what you’d like to see…or hell, you’d like to write something on here, either add to the comments here or send me an email.  

Here’s to a year!

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  1. Hi Lance,

    Congrats on a year! It's never easy blogging on a regular basis. I could relate to your feeling of guilt--that if you don't blog the blog itself is suffering. Your blog (and readers) will forgive you.

    Good luck.


  2. Thanks Larry!

    BTW; what's the link to your blog; I keep meaning to post it.


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