Letter to the Editor in Boston Globe

Intolerance can be lethal

Letter to the Editor by Lance Eaton on October 26, 2010 

Self-hatred, self-abuse, and suicide attempts stimulated by bullying and widespread cultural disdain are issues that have existed for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth long before the media’s attention to the recent tragic suicides. I know. I work as a counselor with this population at Waltham House, a program of the Home for Little Wanderers, and one of the nation’s only residential group homes for GLBT youth. Ostracized teens come to us looking for help. Fear and isolation are just a few of the issues they face.

Read the rest of my letter to the editor in the Boston Globe, here.

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  1. Thanks for sending in that letter to the editor. I'm pretty cynical about the news machine in general, but am glad that you were able to bring up these points in a more mainstream setting. I still remember reading the comments on a Boston Globe article announcing the SJC ruling in 2003 and realizing that even Massachusetts -- a so-called haven of the liberal elite -- has a long way to go when it comes to tolerance and understanding of sexual minorities.

    My friend Kat recommended your blog to me. I'd love to make contact. It sounds like we have a few interests in common.

  2. Hi okelle,

    Thanks for coming to the blog and your comments! I'll have to thank Kat! By all means, drop me a line; I live near and we've gotten to be good friends.

    I'm always more thank happy to chat

    lance.eaton (at gmail).


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